Every Advanco Fire Protection, Inc. system is designed, built and installed to work perfectly when lives and property are at stake. In order to maintain that confidence, Advanco Fire Protection, Inc. suggests regular systems inspection and testing to insure peak performance. Advanco Fire Protection’s inspectors perform this very important service in accordance with N.F.P.A. standards and through documented visit summaries.

One of the keys to your fire protection equipment being in optimal working condition is making sure your equipment receives the preventive maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

We perform the periodic maintenance, inspection & testing service required by your insurance company & fire authority.

Types of Service

Weekly & Annual Fire Pump Service.

Quarterly & Annual Fire Sprinkler Testing & Inspections.

5 Year Inspections & Certifications State Fire Marshall's Title 19 inspections

Fire Pumps


The purpose of inspecting the fire pump is to verify that the pump assembly appears to be in operating condition and is free from physical damage. NFPA 25


The purpose of testing the pump assembly is to ensure automatic or manual operation upon demand and continuous delivery of the required system output. An additional purpose is to detect deficiencies of the pump assembly not evident by inspection. NFPA 25


Preventive maintenance program shall be established on all components of the pump assembly in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations with records of all work performed on the pump, engine, controller & auxiliary equipment. NFPA 25